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August 30th, 2018

Caring for your hearing aids

By Serena Ransom

Because the parts of a hearing aid are extremely small, they are susceptible to wax, dirt, and moisture build-up. It is very important to keep your hearing aids clean to ensure they are functioning properly. In this passage we will discuss basic cleaning tips that will ensure your hearing aid is working its best!

Custom hearing aids

Because custom hearing aids sit inside the ear, they are extremely susceptible to wax buildup. Check out this helpful video from Phonak on how to clean your custom hearing aid:

Behind the ear hearing aids

These hearing aids sit behind the ear and are more susceptible to dirt, sweat, and dust. We always recommend changing your wax guard every two months (depending on how waxy your ears are) to ensure your hearing aid is working its best. Check out these helpful videos from Phonak on how to clean your behind the ear hearing aid:

Hearing aid with a speaker in the ear.

Hearing aid with tubing and an earmould.

For any cleaning supplies seen in the videos, ask us for more information. If you require any assistance with cleaning, please be sure to stop in and one of our secretaries can lend a hand!