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Hearing Aid Styles

There are many different types of hearing aids -- from styles that sit inside the ear to those that sit on top of the ear. At iDenture & Hearing. we carry all different types of styles and models of hearing aids. Certain styles are better for different types and degrees of hearing loss. Our trained professionals will work with you to find a style of hearing aid that meets your individual needs and pattern of hearing loss. Some of the most common styles of hearing aids are shown below. Please note, they also come in different colours, shapes, and sizes within each style.

Current Models

While there are many models of hearing aids on the market, here are some of the more recent models. Please note, this list is in no particular order and is not all inclusive. Current products change often as new products are generally announced in the Spring and Fall by each manufacturer. For more information or to take home any of the products seen below, contact our clinic today!

Phonak Marvel

The Phonak Marvel is one of the biggest products on the market and is available in RIC, BTE, and custom (NEW). It offers direct streaming to Android and Apple phones. Rechargeable options are available in certain styles.

Signia Styletto

The Signia Styletto is one of the slimmest hearing aids on the market. It is offered in a RIC and only available in rechargeable. It offers direct streaming to Apple phones and the charging case is capable of holding an extra charge in the event you don't always have access to power!

Signia Silk

The Signia Silk sits completely inside the ear and offers inivisibility and comfort. It does not offer any streaming or rechargeability.

Widex Moment

The Widex Moment is one of the newest launches from Spring 2020. It is one of the smallest RICs on the market in a rechargeable option. It also offers streaming to Apple phones. Widex is known for their extremely natural sound quality.

ReSound Linx Quattro

Another RIC option, the ReSound Linx Quattro offers one of the longest rechargeable batteries on the market.

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